Customers are our priority!
Your personal money
Cifron is like "personal money", like a personal account in social networks, but better protected.

Why Cifron?

The security of the funds and the confidentiality of customer information are our absolute priorities.
The best interchange rates. Exchange and withdraw funds without limitations.

Simplified transfersWe need just an e-mail to transfer money
Easy to get moneyFast and simple funds withdrawal
Loyalty to the clientsOur customer is always right!
Low feesLow deposit/withdrawal and money transfer fees


Get transfers from relatives, friends, and colleagues anywhere in the world,
pay bills and transfer money to the loved ones.

Anyone. Anyware. Anytime.


Accepting payments on your website has never been easier. Cifron Merchant solution lets you get paid using multiple methods.

Separate solution to use without a website. Just e-mail an invoice for the goods or services to get payed.


Cifron MasterCard is a universal payment card for cash withdrawal and purchases around the globe.

3D secure technology makes Cifron Virtual MasterCard a convenient and safe payment tool for Internet use.